AECS-4 aims at a holistic development of its students. Co-curricular activities are a step in this direction. CCA has been accepted as an integral part of school's programme because they provide the scope for democratic living and also to develop social skills, a sense of cooperation, team spirit and self discipline among the students.
As the co-curricular activities are increasingly becoming pivotal in the healthy functioning of a school, they are organised with good care and thought so as to encourage the students to build up their skills and nourish their inner capabilities.
The students are distributed into four houses and the competitions are conducted during the CCA periods every week.


  The school appointees are given ample opportunities to organise various activities which, in turn, help to mould them into successful leaders.The Best House is presented with a Trophy on the Schoo  Anual Day

A Rangoli Design By Students

 Fancy Dress Competition-Prep. Class





  NCC is a voluntary organisation for students of the schools and colleges. School students,  above 13 , can join as junior cadets. NCC trains the cadets to become responsive individuals, sensitive to the needs of the community. This active participation teaches dignity of labour and ignites the creative instinct that lies latent in the youth. This is achieved through the scientifically planned NCC curriculum. It aims at developing a new work of ethos characterised by hard work, sincerity of purpose and the ideals of selfless service with a secular outlook.
NCC Head Office for all the AECS Schools of Mumbai  is  AECS-4. Boys are enrolled  in 3 Maharashtra Battalion and girls in 5 Maharashtra Battalion. The total  strength of the cadets is 200. Mr. B. Mohan Kumar TGT(CS) is the  Associate NCC Officer for boys' division. Miss Garima Jailey PRT is the Associate NCC Officer for Girls wing.
Based on the aims of the NCC, the Organization has laid down Training Syllabi for the cadets. The syllabi for the Junior Division Cadets cover a period of two years. Training is being conducted every Friday and Saturday at AECS#4 open ground.