The Library has a collection of 15575 books and a good number of periodicals. Reference books, Teachers books, text books and all other types of books are easily accessible to students.  Thirty seven Periodical, Seven Newspapers and many journals are available in the library. Exploring the digital learning e-library facility also available. The library uses E-Grandhalaya for accessing.


This is the place that takes the students to the world of rhythm and tune. It has string and percussion instruments. In fact, everything about the Music Room is musical- including the air!



  There are two well equipped Computer Labs in the School. The Senior Computer Lab has 50 Computers. Legal software or Open Source Software are used for teaching and learning. Students are encouraged to use Open Source Software. All the computers are Intel Core i-3 processor based. The student -computer ratio is 1:1. 


Junior Computer Lab is for students from Classes 3 to 10. Students learn   computer basics and acquire programming skills and designing skills here.


  The chemistry lab is well equipped with high quality glassware and chemicals.It is spacious with proper ventilation. Every student's table has been provided with a reagent rack and a sink so that students can perform the experiments easily. For demonstration of experiments plenty of reagents are available. the lab sessions support the theoretical knowledge of the students.

Lab is equipped with all types of learning materials like - Plant Specimens, Animal Specimens, Slides, Charts, Dissection Microscope, Compound Microscopes etc.


  It has been set up to transform the students' classroom knowledge into experience   which can   eventually be correlated with experiences in their day to-day life. Here practical sessions are conducted for students from Classes 9 to 12 regarding the basic concepts in Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism & Optics. Lab   meets the standards set by CBSE



Sports room provides all facilities to keep the students physically fit. It has all the recreational facilities and Physical & Sports equipment. The Gym has all the modern machinery.